We use automatic washing machines to wash large areas of PVC and Tarkett flooring, tiles and etc.,or for places where manual washing is no longer effective. Price of service is 4LTL/m2 plus VAT. Discounts are applicable when washing especially large areas.
For washing of soft furniture we use high quality washing detergents and washing vacuums intended for such purpose, we wash using our own technique. Washing price of one sitting place of a piece of furniture is 25 LTL plus VAT.
At first furniture is cleaned using American deep cleaning equipment, then washed with vacuums used for such purpose, handwork is used, small brushes, cloths. A price of washing one sitting place of soft corner – 25 LTL plus VAT.
Mattresses are washed using high quality washing detergents, water spraying and extraction vacuums, handwork and small brushes. Price of single mattress washing is 60 LTL plus VAT, double mattress 90 LTL plus VAT.
Mattresses are cleaned in several stages – using dry deep cleaning American cleaning equipment and then washed with vacuums. Price of deep cleaning, washing of single mattress is 70 LTL plus VAT, double mattress 100 LTL plus VAT.
We wash leather furniture manually with detergents designed for such purpose, after washing we impregnate with impregnating protective cream. Price of washing of one sitting place is 35 LTL plus VAT.
Using specific washing technology dirt is extracted from deep layers of stone-mass tiles that is not accessible when washing by regular automatic method. Price of service from 4 LTL/m2 plus VAT.
PVC (tarkett) flooring is washed very carefully with automatic washing machine, scrubbed with brushes, rinsed with water. After washing the flooring gets renewed, washing detergents give pleasant odor. Price of service from 3 LTL/m2 plus VAT. We apply discounts when washing larger areas.
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